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Sunday, November 4th, 2007
1:14 am
Probably the wrong question
Yes, I know, no one has posted here in a long while...but given that: is it wrong that I still wonder what Asmaida's rank would be in the FIFA Rankings?

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Friday, February 23rd, 2007
1:06 pm
Governmental Structure
Okay, the biggest problem with governmental structure is organizational corruption, defined by Schmookler in "Parable of the Tribes" as what happens when the motives of the individuals in an organization are in conflict with the motives of the organization. The USAan Founders tried to deal with this by setting up three branches of government, an early attempt at a "tell me three times" brain. This still leaves the problem of people in the government thinking that More Government is the solution to any problem, and leading other people to believe that the decision of whether the government is to do something is the only decision that has to get made.

Starting the discussion with the USAan model, there's an executive branch, a legislative branch, and a judicial branch. Do we want to have three similar branches? Any others? Do without any of the original three?

One constraint in the USAan system I'd like to see removed is the prohibition against holding an individual holding office personally responsible for hir actions. I'd like to see it mandatory, rather than prohibited.

Do we want two legislative houses? Assuming so, I'd like to have at least one be directly *appointed* by the people, as opposed to elected: People go and file a document appointing someone their representative, and if that person has, say, 10K appointments, they get a seat in the House, positively representing all the people who've authorized them. The more authorizations they have, the more powerful their vote in the House is. I'd also suggest the appointments as Rep be publicly posted on the federal website.


Monday, February 5th, 2007
4:33 pm
Certain rights
So what would the Asmaidan Bill of Rights look like? Personally I'd be in favor of plenty of good, enumerated ones, such as those of the Universal Declaration. (And yes, I'm in favor of the concept of natural rights. Jeremy Bentham or whomever be hanged.)
Sunday, January 21st, 2007
4:05 pm
Where we are
There were recently a bunch of Asmaidans at a party (sounds like the beginning of a joke, but isn't, necessarily); efbq, john_tangent, still_asking, bluetara2020, and I were all in a gaggle discussing how lame we'd been recently concerning our little island, and in particular, bluetara2020 wanted to know when we would at least find a latitude for our island, so that flora, fauna, and similar details could be worked out.

Well, I did have some ideas. First, I had figured, by fiat, that our island's latitude would be roughly that of North Carolina. Secondly, it would be nice if we could locate it along with a geographic feature on the ocean's floor - a seamount or something similar.

35 N is roughly equal to the southern border of North Carolina. The climate there is fairly mild, and would be more so that far out to sea - snow would basically be unheard of, as would frosts.

At that latitude, there are no real sea features to speak of once you're off the Continental Shelf until you reach about 57 W. That's the end of a series of seamounts - an underwater ridge - which extends northwest until it meets the Shelf off the coast of Nantucket. There is a nearer formation at about 33 30'N, 62 W, which places it very close to Bermuda (167 mi/270 km).

Beyond that, 35 N features a series of uneven features from 53 W to about 47 W. You encounter the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at about 35 W; at that point, the Azores are about 425 mi/650 km to the northeast.

Personally, I'm in favor of about 35 N, 57 W - the location of the little pin I put in Google Earth is 34 40'21"N, 56 42'37"W. That puts us a very good ways out to sea:
  • Distance to Bermuda: 479 mi/770 km
  • Distance to Sable Island: 660 mi/1062 km
  • Distance to Halifax: 773 mi/1243 km
  • Distance to Boston: 934 mi/1502 km
  • Distance to New York: 1029 mi/1657 km
  • Distance to Virginia Beach: 1086 mi/1748 km
  • Distance to San Juan: 1258 mi/2024 km
  • Distance to Ponta Delgada, capital of the Azores: 1740 mi/2800 km
  • Distance to Lisbon: about 2630 mi/4225 km
  • Distance to Casablanca: about 2800 mi/4500 km
  • Distance to London: about 3000 mi/4800 km
9:29 am
Police Powers
It seems to me that the greatest threat to Asmaida is us, and people to whom we either delegate powers or who assume those powers in our names and we don't act vigorously and immediately to stop them. Early US tried to deal with this by keeping an armed citizenry; advances in technology since then make that rather irrelevant.

I propose that it be made illegal for any governmental organization of any kind or any individual representing the government to

1.) pass any rule to which it itself, and/or any of its members, are held exempt,

2.) attempt to limit videotaping or recording of any proceedings, including but not limited to by confiscation of equipment.

If an official or someone representing themselves as one attempts either of the above, they should be permanently and also retroactively barred from any employment in any police function, public or private. "Retroactively" can and should mean forcing them to return all monies paid to them in the past for performing said function.

Thoughts? Comments?


Tuesday, January 9th, 2007
10:07 pm
For sale ...
OK, do we really want to be an island off the coast of the US, or do we want to have one already out there with its own infrastructure, nominally outside government control, and a history of micronationalism?

'Cause one's for sale ...

Friday, January 5th, 2007
9:34 pm
Asmaida, Asmaida, Asmaida, Asmaida, we love you, amen!
OK, like I actually have time to do this (he says as he laughs uproariously at the mere thought of having the time to do this), but due to subtle suggestions in the postings from scooterbird and john_tangent and the voices in my head, I should start on the national anthem.

To do this, I'll ask the citizenry what you would like to have in the anthem lyrics. What things shoudl be mentioned, what should define us? (I'll start the ball rolling by saying it should mention "island" in there).

Secondly, what style of music? My anthems website has a basic explanation on the types of national anthems out there, each witha distinct music style. What should Asmaida's have?

Thirdly, is there maybe an existent musical piece we can write words to, like Port Colice did (and owuld be the easiest for everyone concerned)?

Fourthly, is there musically inclined people willing to help, especially with the composing of music part?
6:02 pm
Hi, This moostly an intro to me>

I am John Tangent. I have joined the group but have not posted until now due to life. I have not read much of the previous post so I am going to be missing information that you have already shared.

Below are some thoughts about Government:

  • Hobbs said a number of things that suggest that Government is a Leviathan created to enforce the social contract. He also said that once set into existence, government was irrevocable.

  • John Lock as well as George, Tom, Ben, and the gang (late 17th c.) said screw this irrevocable. Not only is it revokable but it is the duty of citizens to rebel against unjust governing. In this case unjust would mean that does not reflect the need, interests, and desires of the populous.

  • My dad the Lawyer said some thing like:

  • laws are only rules that a group of people came up with for various reasons. They have nothing to do with right and wrong or good and evil, though they occasionally do good things.

This is largely how I see law and government: a monster that keeps us from going back to stone knives, bear skins, wanton murder, theft, and rape with no retribution. This monster can and should be overthrown if it gets so out of whack with the interests of its people that it can not be brought back into line to serve them. And what ever laws there are, they were ALWAYS set fourth by a special interest group, as there is little else that get laws written. I believe that the most harmful things about government is that is is often to specific in its l was and to traditional in its expressions.

In addition I have a strong respect for the feudal system.

So there you have my general basis of reference.
Thursday, January 4th, 2007
9:54 pm
Updated Map
ETA (Jan 7): Yet another new & improved version of the map. Please look again.

I have my original copy of the map saved in a layered format. That makes it really, really easy to change most of the details. So, please let me know if you have any better ideas, especially for names.

It looks like I've gotten all the comments I'm going to get on the earlier versions of the map. scooterbird suggested that I stop asking so many questions and just draw the darn thing. So that's what I did--except for the names. If you leave it up to me, the cities are going to be Port Asmaida, Three Rivers, Hillcrest or Highlands, Easton, and Southport. I haven't even thought about the mountains or rivers or lakes or bays or small islands or... So it would be really great if someone has better ideas.

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Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007
1:11 pm
Map Pseudo-Poll
ETA: I've added a second map and changed the first question to choose between them.

I've been working on the map of Asmaida. I should probably wait and do a proper poll, but I'm impatient and I figure there's few enough of us to just count comments. Maybe I can keep on adding features this way, and then we vote on the final product. Or whatever.

ETA 2: Adding a cut because the maps are obsolete now (updated map coming soon) and I expect everyone is tired of looking at them.
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12:58 pm
Voter "registration"
I'm going to try a registration poll over at DemoChoice, which I've never done before. It goes by email address. If you have one listed at your profile, or if I happen to know it offhand, I'll include it that way; otherwise, I listed your address as <ljname>@livejournal.com. If you don't end up seeing the poll once I post it, let me know and I'll see what we can fix.

EDIT: The poll is now available here.
Monday, January 1st, 2007
5:01 pm
Wiki to the rescue
Okay, after some hopping around, I've applied for an Asmaidan wiki at this site. It's an application process which will take a bit of time - about two weeks, as they're just getting people back from the holidays - but it's in process.

EDIT: Also, I've posted in the civil union/parentage thread to try and bring it to a vote on DemoChoice, and we are now at ten participants. Go us!
Sunday, December 31st, 2006
2:30 pm
Hi! Newcomer jumping in. This looks like an interesting project. Judging from the posts so far, it looks like I'm reasonably compatible with the rest of you. Besides, you don't have a Texan yet ;) .

ETA:  I'm going to update the consensus to this main entry for ease of reference.  And it looks like whatever gets suggested first on this topic is likely to become the consensus.

The geography will affect many of the other issues, such as agriculture, fishing, tourism, economy, etc. I know a couple of these details have been touched on already, but I thought it would be a good idea to discuss all of it in one place.
  • Number of islands: One island, period? One island plus uninhabitable barrier islands? One main island plus a few habitable small islands? A chain of several similar-sized islands? One main island plus a few little'uns.

  • Shape: Is it somewhat round, or is it more long and skinny? What is the farthest you can get from the ocean? Main island fairly roundish.

  • Ruggedness: Is it mountainous or flat? This affects agriculture, tourism, and transportation. It also affects...

  • Coastline: Sandy beaches or cliffs? One main harbor, or multiple fjords? Low offshore barrier islands or deep open ocean?

  • Longitude: Is it isolated, way out in the middle of the Atlantic? Or is it a short hop from the mainland? Which mainland--US or Europe? Closer to US.

  • Latitude: This has a lot to do with... Subtropical

  • Climate: How cold are the winters; how hot are the summers? When is the main rainy season? How rainy is it? Which is the greater danger--summer hurricanes or winter blizzards? Mild winters--no snow; wet summers--hurricanes significant.
Saturday, December 30th, 2006
3:51 pm
Citizenship, child rights, communications protocols
We'd started with the rights of children, but I think it's a broader issue: Who and/or what is or can be a citizen, and how do we tell? I spend a lot of time out on Los Angeles Harbor, and some sea lions of my acquaintance would make much better citizens than many h. saps I know. And others, not. Often a sea lion is no more or less than a seven-hundred pound inarticulate beach bum. Then again, that differs from a number of current major political figures only by gross weight.

I think the current USAian system of telling maturity by age is awful and not very functional; same logic as above. Setting criteria for citizenship and reassessing the population periodically might be a better idea. Assuming that anyone whose body is within these boundaries is a citizen is another approach. I don't have any decisions to pronounce; I'm still investigating issues.

Speaking of which, is scooterbird or someone going to summarize all this? I'm not sure which points are currently being discussed, or what the latest state of the discussion is, or how I'd tell. It'd seem that some form of DB would be useful, but I'm not sure how big a job we're talking about.


6:17 pm
The really important thing
And now, the really big question: driving on the left-hand side of the road, or the right?

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Thursday, December 28th, 2006
4:19 pm
A few geeky stats
So I went and looked some stuff up. Asmaida is the 174th largest country in the world by area - larger than Samoa, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, and a few other similar flyspecks. I got the idea by noting that Barbados is about the size of Howard County, so I drew a box around the whole Baltimore-Washington area, which is rather larger. It ended up being 3600 km2, or 1390 square miles, or a box 37 miles on a side.

Asmaida is the 201st largest country by population. We're larger than Aruba, Bermuda, Greenland(!), Monaco, and the like.

That gives us a population density of 167 people per km2, 64th largest in the world, around where Switzerland is. Closer to home, Virginia has 178 per km2, while Maryland has 209. (D.C., of course, has 3481.) That's a fair bit of room to rattle around in. I'm thinking that there will be a main city of about 40,000 people with everyone else scattered around the coastline in towns in the thousands or so, plus a fair number of folks in the interior of the island, mostly engaged in farming unless they happen to be on a volcanic mountain, which, if I get to it first, won't be there.
12:59 pm
Law - Definition of Marriage and Civil Union
OK, designing a culture from the ground up. I'm going to keep this proposal as simple as I can, since we're designing the 'idea' of the constitution rather than a legally bullet proof wording. :)

Marriage itself has whatever religious and emotional significance it has, and is not recognized by law as separate from Civil Union (although some Civil Unions can be marriage in the traditional sense)

Civil Union is a union of two or more adults, which is legally recognized for the express purpose of creating a stable environment in which to raise children. There are certain legal rights and privilidges which Union provides to those within it, and a Union can also include other agreements. Things like sexual fidelity and certain monetary rights can be negotiated.

Getting out of a Union is a very simple matter if no children are involved. It becomes much harder to do otherwis
2:15 am
The Object

This LJ community houses an experiment which simulates what would happen if we, the members, ran our own country together. While the object is to run the simulation such that we determine the best way such a country would run in real life (rather than wildest or most amusing, etc.), we are doing so in a freeform role-playing game style, so that members may tinker with it, write stories, use the setting in their own games if they wish, and have fun.

The Background

It is present-day Earth. You (or your avatar) have been offered the chance to emigrate from your country and settle on the island of Asmaida, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. There you will be not only the citizen of a new country, but a member of its provisional ruling body - to decide, along with others in a democracy, how the new country will conduct itself. Everything about the deal checks out - the offerers are a legitimate group, and their offer comes with no strings attached.

Asmaida is temperate in climate, and approximately 3600 km2 in size (halfway between Rhode Island and Delaware in land area). The population is about 100,000 people. It is, roughly speaking, a "First World" nation; that is to say, it is essentially capitalist and democratic, and has modern industrial and technological amenities that one may find in the top one-quarter of the world's most livable countries: electrical power, modern transportation, and most importantly, an adequate if not abundant amount of food and clean water for all citizens. The populace is moderately well-educated and mostly literate; there are no contenders for leadership at this point. (The history and exact geography of Asmaida is left to be detailed by the players.)

The Rules

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