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Map Pseudo-Poll

ETA: I've added a second map and changed the first question to choose between them.

I've been working on the map of Asmaida. I should probably wait and do a proper poll, but I'm impatient and I figure there's few enough of us to just count comments. Maybe I can keep on adding features this way, and then we vote on the final product. Or whatever.

ETA 2: Adding a cut because the maps are obsolete now (updated map coming soon) and I expect everyone is tired of looking at them.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

1. Shape of the island. For this question, please ignore the letters.
+ A. Red dot version
+ B. Purple dot version
+ C. Err, try again.

2. Location of the main city. It will be roughly the size of the red/purple circle.
+ A. - G. Location as indicated on the map.
+ H. Other. Please describe.

3. Shape of the city.
+ A. As nearly circular as the terrain will allow.
+ B. Somewhat stretched out along the waterfront.
+ C. Extremely stretched out along the waterfront.
+ D. Other. Please describe.
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To get things started, here are my votes:

1. A
2. A, but with the industrial/warehouse district across the river at B
3. B
1. A
2. A
3. B
1. A (although I've always thought, especially in the early drawings, that it looks a LOT like Antarctica!)

2. A (and I like fennelgiraffe's suggestion, doesn't have to necessarily be the industrial district, but some offshoot of the main city. Maybe it can be like India, where A is the main city (Delhi) and B is the capital (New Delhi)) 3. A - but only because the area around point A is quite circular.
I like the second drawing better, but I think there needs to be a separated elevated area, to give the peninsula a "raison d'etre". Roughly between E and F, but further inland.
1. B. Basically cool, but maybe with a slight reworking of the peninsula to be more question-markie, and the mountains/hills more centrally located.

2. D. Ships would generally not want to navigate through the harbor to get to port, and the main city would likely grow up around the port. Plus, B is a few km away from A - possibly too far to be the "industrial area".

3. B, or maybe C.

I know, I'm just damned picky.
1. I'm not sure what you are envisioning about the peninsula. Do you mean that last segment curving outward instead of inward?

I was using a kind of collapsed crater concept, where the peninsula and the hills on the south side were the remains of the crater wall. But I have no problem ditching that idea and going with a central mountain and then the peninsula can do whatever you like. The river might need to be readjusted a little if there is a mountain in the middle.

2. I've been having second thoughts about the area at the mouth of the river (A & B). That might be a wetland area that should be left undeveloped. Besides, the river is unlikely to be important for transportation, so the port doesn't need to be right there. Maybe the city should be elsewhere. I could go with the port (docks, warehouses, industrial area) at D, if the residential & business area stretched back along the coast towards C.
I like the second one.

As for city location, it's unlikely that the river is navigable...but it is a source for fresh water (provided it isn't too polluted). That's a very good place for the capital city, while the larger, more industrial city could be located out at D or somewhere else.

As far as the "mountain", I'm thinking nothing too tall...about 500 m?

Also, I appreciate that we're doing this collaboratively, but it's okay to just lay out some things by fiat if you really wish. These are just preferences; we can always retcon things if we need to.
1 - B - purple dot, more honest to goodness coastline, easier shipping access.
2- F for a capital city.
3 - Conforming as much as possible to the shape of the land so...somewhat triangular for the capital city. Otherwise...I'm not real big in favor of urban sprawl myself. Frankly, something circular-ish, walled, you know, something that feels permanent, like it's been there forever.

No matter what, I'd be far more comfortable with another fresh water resource or two. maybe a manmade reservoir or lake?

and I'd want a cities/large towns of some kind in the interior more and on the penninsula itself. I'd like at least one mountain city, for example.

And actually, F would be a good capital city. Depending on how naviable the river is you have easy access for shipping while still being far enough inland for defense. Plus, two fresh water resources.

Also, eliminate either A or B as a city, it's redundant. Have at least one city on the other coast besides G, or move G. D looks good for a fishing town. You could probably put tanneries here too.

Just a couple of ideas.
What tool did you use to make the map?