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Hi, This moostly an intro to me>

I am John Tangent. I have joined the group but have not posted until now due to life. I have not read much of the previous post so I am going to be missing information that you have already shared.

Below are some thoughts about Government:

  • Hobbs said a number of things that suggest that Government is a Leviathan created to enforce the social contract. He also said that once set into existence, government was irrevocable.

  • John Lock as well as George, Tom, Ben, and the gang (late 17th c.) said screw this irrevocable. Not only is it revokable but it is the duty of citizens to rebel against unjust governing. In this case unjust would mean that does not reflect the need, interests, and desires of the populous.

  • My dad the Lawyer said some thing like:

  • laws are only rules that a group of people came up with for various reasons. They have nothing to do with right and wrong or good and evil, though they occasionally do good things.

This is largely how I see law and government: a monster that keeps us from going back to stone knives, bear skins, wanton murder, theft, and rape with no retribution. This monster can and should be overthrown if it gets so out of whack with the interests of its people that it can not be brought back into line to serve them. And what ever laws there are, they were ALWAYS set fourth by a special interest group, as there is little else that get laws written. I believe that the most harmful things about government is that is is often to specific in its l was and to traditional in its expressions.

In addition I have a strong respect for the feudal system.

So there you have my general basis of reference.
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