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Asmaida, Asmaida, Asmaida, Asmaida, we love you, amen!

OK, like I actually have time to do this (he says as he laughs uproariously at the mere thought of having the time to do this), but due to subtle suggestions in the postings from scooterbird and john_tangent and the voices in my head, I should start on the national anthem.

To do this, I'll ask the citizenry what you would like to have in the anthem lyrics. What things shoudl be mentioned, what should define us? (I'll start the ball rolling by saying it should mention "island" in there).

Secondly, what style of music? My anthems website has a basic explanation on the types of national anthems out there, each witha distinct music style. What should Asmaida's have?

Thirdly, is there maybe an existent musical piece we can write words to, like Port Colice did (and owuld be the easiest for everyone concerned)?

Fourthly, is there musically inclined people willing to help, especially with the composing of music part?
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