PolyDad (polydad) wrote in asmaida,

Police Powers

It seems to me that the greatest threat to Asmaida is us, and people to whom we either delegate powers or who assume those powers in our names and we don't act vigorously and immediately to stop them. Early US tried to deal with this by keeping an armed citizenry; advances in technology since then make that rather irrelevant.

I propose that it be made illegal for any governmental organization of any kind or any individual representing the government to

1.) pass any rule to which it itself, and/or any of its members, are held exempt,

2.) attempt to limit videotaping or recording of any proceedings, including but not limited to by confiscation of equipment.

If an official or someone representing themselves as one attempts either of the above, they should be permanently and also retroactively barred from any employment in any police function, public or private. "Retroactively" can and should mean forcing them to return all monies paid to them in the past for performing said function.

Thoughts? Comments?


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