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Governmental Structure

Okay, the biggest problem with governmental structure is organizational corruption, defined by Schmookler in "Parable of the Tribes" as what happens when the motives of the individuals in an organization are in conflict with the motives of the organization. The USAan Founders tried to deal with this by setting up three branches of government, an early attempt at a "tell me three times" brain. This still leaves the problem of people in the government thinking that More Government is the solution to any problem, and leading other people to believe that the decision of whether the government is to do something is the only decision that has to get made.

Starting the discussion with the USAan model, there's an executive branch, a legislative branch, and a judicial branch. Do we want to have three similar branches? Any others? Do without any of the original three?

One constraint in the USAan system I'd like to see removed is the prohibition against holding an individual holding office personally responsible for hir actions. I'd like to see it mandatory, rather than prohibited.

Do we want two legislative houses? Assuming so, I'd like to have at least one be directly *appointed* by the people, as opposed to elected: People go and file a document appointing someone their representative, and if that person has, say, 10K appointments, they get a seat in the House, positively representing all the people who've authorized them. The more authorizations they have, the more powerful their vote in the House is. I'd also suggest the appointments as Rep be publicly posted on the federal website.


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