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A-well-a everybody's heard about the bird

A few geeky stats

So I went and looked some stuff up. Asmaida is the 174th largest country in the world by area - larger than Samoa, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, and a few other similar flyspecks. I got the idea by noting that Barbados is about the size of Howard County, so I drew a box around the whole Baltimore-Washington area, which is rather larger. It ended up being 3600 km2, or 1390 square miles, or a box 37 miles on a side.

Asmaida is the 201st largest country by population. We're larger than Aruba, Bermuda, Greenland(!), Monaco, and the like.

That gives us a population density of 167 people per km2, 64th largest in the world, around where Switzerland is. Closer to home, Virginia has 178 per km2, while Maryland has 209. (D.C., of course, has 3481.) That's a fair bit of room to rattle around in. I'm thinking that there will be a main city of about 40,000 people with everyone else scattered around the coastline in towns in the thousands or so, plus a fair number of folks in the interior of the island, mostly engaged in farming unless they happen to be on a volcanic mountain, which, if I get to it first, won't be there.
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