PolyDad (polydad) wrote in asmaida,

Citizenship, child rights, communications protocols

We'd started with the rights of children, but I think it's a broader issue: Who and/or what is or can be a citizen, and how do we tell? I spend a lot of time out on Los Angeles Harbor, and some sea lions of my acquaintance would make much better citizens than many h. saps I know. And others, not. Often a sea lion is no more or less than a seven-hundred pound inarticulate beach bum. Then again, that differs from a number of current major political figures only by gross weight.

I think the current USAian system of telling maturity by age is awful and not very functional; same logic as above. Setting criteria for citizenship and reassessing the population periodically might be a better idea. Assuming that anyone whose body is within these boundaries is a citizen is another approach. I don't have any decisions to pronounce; I'm still investigating issues.

Speaking of which, is scooterbird or someone going to summarize all this? I'm not sure which points are currently being discussed, or what the latest state of the discussion is, or how I'd tell. It'd seem that some form of DB would be useful, but I'm not sure how big a job we're talking about.


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