fennelgiraffe (fennelgiraffe) wrote in asmaida,

Map Pseudo-Poll

ETA: I've added a second map and changed the first question to choose between them.

I've been working on the map of Asmaida. I should probably wait and do a proper poll, but I'm impatient and I figure there's few enough of us to just count comments. Maybe I can keep on adding features this way, and then we vote on the final product. Or whatever.

ETA 2: Adding a cut because the maps are obsolete now (updated map coming soon) and I expect everyone is tired of looking at them.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

1. Shape of the island. For this question, please ignore the letters.
+ A. Red dot version
+ B. Purple dot version
+ C. Err, try again.

2. Location of the main city. It will be roughly the size of the red/purple circle.
+ A. - G. Location as indicated on the map.
+ H. Other. Please describe.

3. Shape of the city.
+ A. As nearly circular as the terrain will allow.
+ B. Somewhat stretched out along the waterfront.
+ C. Extremely stretched out along the waterfront.
+ D. Other. Please describe.
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