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Updated Map

ETA (Jan 7): Yet another new & improved version of the map. Please look again.

I have my original copy of the map saved in a layered format. That makes it really, really easy to change most of the details. So, please let me know if you have any better ideas, especially for names.

It looks like I've gotten all the comments I'm going to get on the earlier versions of the map. scooterbird suggested that I stop asking so many questions and just draw the darn thing. So that's what I did--except for the names. If you leave it up to me, the cities are going to be Port Asmaida, Three Rivers, Hillcrest or Highlands, Easton, and Southport. I haven't even thought about the mountains or rivers or lakes or bays or small islands or... So it would be really great if someone has better ideas.

This should be a clickable thumbnail. Once you get a large image, you may need to click that one to get full size.

Cities and Towns
+ A - pop 32,000 - port/industrial center Port Asmaida
+ B - pop 18,000 - capital Three Rivers (Trois Rivières?)
+ C - pop 9,000 - resort ???
+ D - pop 7,000 - agricultural hub Easton
+ E - pop 4,000 - minor port Southport

The remaining 30,000 people live in smaller communities which are not shown. I thought we might want to wait and decide those as needed.

Rivers and Lakes
+ None of the rivers are large enough to be navigable except for small pleasure craft.
+ Additional small streams are not shown.
+ Lack of fresh water limits development on the peninsula, although there are a few villages.

+ Only the main highways have been drawn. Lesser roads are not shown.
+ The highway between cities A and B is a major high-traffic corridor.

+ The eastern plains are mostly agricultural. Possibly the southern coastal plains as well.

Parks/Wilderness Areas/Nature Preserves
+ Thanks to thecanuckguy for reminding me of these.
+ They are are the darker green areas on the map.
+ I haven't differentiated parks from preserves. Possibly, the marked areas are both--a small park on the most accessible side, with the rest a preserve. The wetlands areas at the mouths of the two rivers should probably be all preserve, though.

+ If you want to download the map and futz around with it, the scale is approximately 4 pixels to 1 km (6.5 pixels to 1 mile).
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I like "Port Asmaida" and "Three Rivers", but Hillcrest/Highlands sounds a bit too generic...

Maybe something which evokes history? Named after a person? We can focus on the name first, and fill in the history afterwards...

Or perhaps something really whimsical and quirky?

Give me a while to mull it over, and I'll get back to you.
Thinking about place names: Did Asmaida have existing residents when our people got there? I'm assuming not, or at least very few. (They would object to being taken over!) I'm also assuming it's completely or mostly undeveloped, so cities and roads and so on would be newly built and newly named.

The geographic features may depend on history, though. Has it ever had residents? If so, all the landforms will have names before we get there. What about ocassional visitors? They would have named the major landforms. In either of those cases, what language did they speak? We could use names from that language. Maybe it was a language not known to the modern world, so we can make up fantasy names. Or is it completely virgin (for whatever handwavey reason) and our people will be naming everything.
I say we name everything...and it might be neat to each take a particular place, town, city, location, and name it by one's self...

Is there a particular theme that we want to follow? The suggestions sound vaguely English...
Yeah, my suggested names are lame. They're pretty much just the mental tags I've been using as I worked on the map ('that city over there' gets old after a while). I'm not committed to them in any way whatsoever.
Can I make a comment/proposal for "law"?

I propse that the offshore islands in the northwest (and maybe part of the penninsula close to the islands) be preserved as a national park/wildlife preserve (but with that road there, probably park).

And I do still think it'd be great to have that penninsula look more question-marky but it's better than before.
national park/wildlife preserve

That's a good idea--I like it. As for the road, 2 seconds to take that out. (My master copy of the map is in layers--I can change a detail on one layer without disturbing anything else.)

penninsula look more question-marky

I guess I'm not understanding quite what you mean. More curly? Bent in more than just one place? That would be pretty easy to change, too. I could rotate that part some more, then just smooth out the connection.